Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut
Binder: Dominican
Filler: Dominican (4 leaves)
Country of Origin: Dominican Republic
Factory: Don Leoncio, SA

devils weed smoking strength

Flavor Profile:

Blended as an "anytime-of-the day smoke," Devil's Weed is a mild-to medium in strength cigar which is quite refined, yet very flavorful. This is blended according to the old-school philosophy: a cigar that is clean yet elegant with flavor. This cigar does not stay in your mouth days afterwards like so many blends right now. The tabaco used is of the highest quality and it shows in the refined finish. There are hints of cream and toffee without a strong presence of pepper.

Construction and Burn Profile:

The artisans of Don Leoncio, SA, commit total quality to every stick of Devil's Weed. The result is a cigar of sublime construction and an even burn. Just as the smoke provides a wide array of flavors, the actual feel of the cigar is solid and supreme. If you are not satisfied, please return to the cigar shop, and we will replace it with another. This is our commitment to quality and to you.


Devil's Weed is a line of cabinet selection cigars, meaning they are made and packaged according to traditional Cuban methods and highest standards. The cigars are naked and wrapped in white tissue reminiscent of old Cuban brands that employed the same tactics. I believe that this is an advantageous form of packaging the cigars as the tissue allows more breathe-ability than cellophane (ideal for aging), yet the protection cellophane provides while the cigars lay in the box. The solid cedar box in which the cigars arrive, complement for storage and fully protect the precious pieces of earth.