¡Bienvenidos, aficionado de la hoja! (Welcome, fellow lover of the leaf)!

Molina Cigar Co. is proud to present to you the product of its passion for the art of the handmade cigar. With its roots in the retail and distribution segments of the premium cigar industry, the Molina family has entered the cigar-making portion and is proud to service retailers and more importantly, the end consumer: you, the cigar smoker.

We are proud to begin our history with our first brand, Devil’s Weed, which is due for its worldwide release in late October to coincide with the 515th anniversary of the landing of Columbus and the discovery of tabaco. After its release, we hope you will enjoy the fruit of our labor as we aim to satisfy the true followers of tabaco. For now though, please browse through our website and let us know what you think.

My family and I thank you and we hope that you will see our cigar in your local smokeshop soon.

With esteem and honor,

Luis Molina

Luis Molina