Devil's Weed Illustration

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In 1492, the Old World discovered in the New World, God's great gift - Tabaco. Cristóbal Colón (Christopher Columbus) returned to Spain with the new discovery and from there the glorious plant would change the history of man and his world forever.

The first people to condemn this wonder of nature were the Spanish Inquisitors. They desecrated the plant by referring to it as the "Devil's Weed." Rodrigo de Jerez was one of Colón's sailors who fell entranced by tabaco. For his constant use of the plant, he was imprisoned by the Spanish Inquisition.

515 years later, Molina Cigar Co., is proud to present to you the result of the sublime works of man, nature and God.

Enjoy my family's cigar and praise tabaco just as men of the ancient and modern world have for centuries; for tabaco is not a tool of the devil, but God's great gift to all of us.

Devil's Weed

Born in the Dominican Republic in the hallowed halls of Don Leoncio, SA, Devil's Weed is the ultimate tribute to the cigar itself. You may think that the philosophies and actions of today's ever-increasing anti-tabaco groups are the strictest and most draconian the world has known. Surprisingly they do not claim trophy to such description; the Spanish Inquisition (yes, no one ever suspects the Spanish Inquisition) was the world's first anti-tabaco group (and one of the most extreme). Xerez was imprisoned by the tabaco-hating zealots and many people in his hometown thought the smoke escaping his facial orifices was actually his soul escaping.

Devil's Weed is meant to underscore to humanity that tabaco is not a tool of the devil but actually God's great gift to all of us. Devil's Weed is a tribute to you, the cigar smoker, who understand what the cigar can do for you and your fellow friends. We do not need to say anymore, except to enjoy life, family, friends and being. Here's to you, o lover of geometry, philosophy and all things epicurean, the cigar smoker.


The history of the factory of Don Leoncio is one over 80 years in the making. Named for his father, the tabacalera is headed by Juan Rodriguez whose family has been involved in cigar production for two generations. Juan and his two brothers have worked for three famed cigar factories on the island of the Dominican Republic for over 30 years and with the American spirit, decided to make a living for themselves. Now in its 5th year of operation, Don Leoncio only hires the most talented staff of torcedores and uses the choicest of tabaco leaves. The operation devotes its own designated space for the production of Devil's Weed for Molina Cigar Co. With over thirty years of rolling cigar himself, Juan Rodriguez and his team of tabaco artisans pride themselves in producing the most supreme cigars the world will ever know.